Book List

I have included a list of books here that I have found to be invaluable over the years to answer my questions and pose new ones. The First category are a group of books that are so good in their field that everybody should have heard of or at least own one! Where available a link has been provided to the author's's site, so get clicking and check 'em out!

    Best of the Best

  • The Guitar Cookbook - Jesse Gress
  • The Advancing Guitarist - Mick Goodrick
  • Introduction to Jazz Guitar Soloing - Joe Elliot
  • Fretboard Logic SE - Bill Edwards
  • Bass Bible - Paul Westwood
  • A modern Method for Guitar (Vol. 1-3) William G Leavit
  • The Craft and Business of Song Writing - John Braheny
  • Counterpoint for Guitar - Dusan Bogdanovic
  • The Music Lesson - Victor Wooten
  • Hearing and Writing Music - Ron Gorow


  • Solo Guitar Playing - Frederick Noad
  • Kitharlogus, The Path to Virtuosity - Ricardo Iznaola
  • El Arte Flamenco de La Guitarra - Juan Martin
  • Analysis Through Composition - Nicholas Cook
  • Pumping Nylon - Scott Tenant
  • Etudes Simples (Vol I - IV) - Leo Brouwer